Concerned about inflation? High cost of gas prices changing your plans? Are flight delays frustrating you and making you scream uncontrollably and pull your hair? Worried about the stock market crash?

Well then; stay at home and quit buying stuff! Better yet, go for a walk or just walk to where you’re going or ride your bike. Take a public transport option if available. Get outside and get some exercise. It will do you good. Especially if you are one of the 36% of Americans with obesity.

You don’t need to buy more stuff! You probably have too much already. I am sure you have some stuff you are trying to get rid of right now. Go outside- getting on the computer or TV all day will just depress you more with all the “Breaking News Alert -Markets Tumble another 1,000 points!!!” blaring all day.

Inflation will go down quickly if we all quit buying stuff. Our mental health and physical health will improve. Stock markets will settle down, prices will come down to earth.

Happy Juneteenth! There are all kinds of freedom out there!!!

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