Keep the MAGA viewers satisfied seems to be the new Fox News motto. Whatever happened to “We report, you decide”?, or “Fair and Balanced”. Court documents from Fox News revealed a behind the scenes contempt for Trump and his “election fraud” supporters, despite the on-air support and promotion of the election fraud conspiracies that Fox News hosts provided across the broadcasting network.

Fox News hosts lied to its viewers about Dominion Voting Systems and their voting machines. The judge in the Dominion vs. Fox News case held that Fox News and Fox Business News made numerous false accusations about Dominion Voting Systems across its network following the 2020 election. Fox News management tried to claim that it was not responsible for the comments of its news hosts. Fox News management is not responsible for its employees?

I think the the firing of Tucker Carlson and the $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems say otherwise. Interesting that Rupert Murdoch did not take the stand and that the American public was denied a full viewing of “Faux News” dirty laundry. Facts are facts, entertainment is well-something else.

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