The Inflation Reduction Act recently passed does not include all of Biden’s ambitious “Build Back Better” plan, but it includes enough to make meaningful impacts on climate change, bringing down inflation, lowering healthcare costs, and fair corporation taxation. This comes on the heels of other recent achievements for the Biden administration. This list includes:

  1. The CHIPS Act – boosting U.S. semiconductor manufacturing global competitiveness, especially with China.
  2. Bipartisan Safer Communities Act -the first significant gun legislation passed in 30 years by Congress.
  3. Honor our PACT Act of 2022-Enhancing, extending, and expanding healthcare benefits for veterans exposed to burn pit toxins.

So last week was a pretty good week for “Dark Brandon”.

President Biden aka “Dark Brandon”

The former guy Trump-not so much. Trump had the week from hell.

Monday-the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort and removed dozens of boxes from his residence.

Tuesday-an Appeals Court allowed the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee access to Trump’s tax returns.

Wednesday-Donald Trump exercised his 5th amendment rights 440 times in a deposition for the New York Attorney General’s civil investigation.

Thursday-The Department of Justice requested the search warrant for Mar-A-Lago be unsealed by the court due to three days of whining by Trump supporters.

Friday-The judge unseals the search warrant and property inventory of items taken for Trump’s residence.

Saturday-It is disclosed that Trump’s lawyer told the DOJ in June that ALL classified material in Trump’s possession was returned in June. (Oops!)

President Biden deserves credit for being patient with the painful process of Congressional lawmaking. His experience and his belief in the process have paid off lately. Inflation is coming down, the dollar is still strong, and our relations with foreign allies are much improved. But he is doing it quietly (remember the daily tweets of Trump!) and consistently. Things might get a lot better by say-November.

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