The Supreme Court has taken a new hard right turn. Results are already being felt from the nation-quaking Roe vs. Wade reversal of abortion rights, the reduction of the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions at coal plants, and several voting rights rulings across key election states.

The Conservative Juror Coven did not stop there; hinting at reviewing and revisiting pet conservative issues that would limit more individual rights, while further expanding the rights of corporations against government agency regulations-regulations designed to protect the environment, citizens, and fair voting rights.

This is blatant, obscene power grab for by conservative jurors appointed by Presidents that were elected not by popular vote but by stress cracks in the U.S. electoral college system.

It gets worse. The Conservative Juror Coven appointment votes were steered by Warlock Mitch McConnell. McConnell’s hypocritical refusal to bring Obama’s Supreme court appointment of Merrick Garland even up for Senate Vote because it occurred in an election year. “ The American people should decide” was McConnell’s justification. Four years later he rushes judge Amy Coney Barrett through the Senate Judicial confirmation process in record time-during an election year!

“The American people should decide” suddenly became “Screw the American People.”

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